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Intern Application

Eligibility of Intern

Full-time undergraduates (Year 1-3; non-final year) majoring in business studies from 10 universities:

  • The University of Hong Kong (Faculty of Business and Economics)
  • The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Faculty of Business Administration)
  • Hong Kong Metropolitan University (Lee Shau Kee School of Business and Administration)
  • City University of Hong Kong (College of Business)
  • The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (School of Business and Management)
  • Hong Kong Baptist University (School of Business)
  • The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Faculty of Business)
  • Hong Kong Shue Yan University (Faculty of Commerce)
  • Lingnan University (Faculty of Business)
  • The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong (School of Business)

Applicants must fulfill the following requirements:
  • Good academic performance;
  • Proven track records in volunteer activities;
  • Enthusiastic about contributing to the non-profit sector;
  • Excellent interpersonal skill and leadership skills; and
  • Proficiency in Cantonese and English.

Role of Intern

  1. Upon selection, each intern is required to attend the pre-internship Induction Program and related activities;
  2. Upon signing the “Undertaking” to indicate the acceptance of the internship, each intern shall commit to the internship and shall not withdraw unless for inevitable reasons;
  3. Each intern is required to make best effort in the implementation of projects assigned;
  4. Each intern is required to complete a questionnaire before internship and upon the internship ends;
  5. Each team is required to submit a report addressing lessons learnt and achievements upon the completion of internship.

Application Procedures

Eligible students must submit their applications and upload supporting documents. Supporting documents included:

1. Recommendation Form completed by a referee from your Business Faculty.
2. Copy of recent academic transcript
3. A statement within 500-800 words (in English) that addresses the following:
A. Your career aspirations
B. Your most interested aspect of service with a non-profit organisation and its reasons
C. Reasons of deserving this internship opportunity
D. Why your personality, attitude, education background, special work skills and interests are ideally suited for an  internship.

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