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社聯大學生社責實踐計劃 社聯大學生社責實踐計劃 社聯大學生社責實踐計劃 社聯大學生社責實踐計劃 社聯大學生社責實踐計劃 社聯大學生社責實踐計劃 社聯大學生社責實踐計劃 社聯大學生社責實踐計劃 社聯大學生社責實踐計劃 社聯大學生社責實踐計劃 社聯大學生社責實踐計劃

 Organizer & Sponsor

Contact us

Tel: (852) 2864 2903 or 2876 2490
Fax: (852) 2876 2496
E-mail: cip@hkcss.org.hk


Role & Duty

Placement organization would be required to assist in the followings:

  1. To offer placements to 2 interns between July and August 2023 (160 hours in total per student);
  2. To arrange Intern Selection Interview (April to May 2023) to select interns for the organization;
  3. To complete and submit the online “Pre-internship Survey” and upload the “Placement Schedule” for HKCSS’s record;
  4. To assign a person-in-charge whom the intern(s) directly report to. The person-in-charge should have worked in the NGO for at least 1 year;
  5. If the placement organization need to implement “work-from-home" arrangement in response to current  situation, the interns are required to follow the related arrangement on the change of working mode while it  is necessary for the placement organization to review and adjust the task assigned and ensure adequate  supervision and communication;
  6. To complete an internship evaluation form, confirm and counter sign the time sheet of each intern upon the end of the internship by the person-in-charge mentioned above;
  7. To purchase public liability insurance for the interns during internship period;
  8. If the placement organization is located at remote areas, e.g., South Lantau Island or Outlying Islands, accommodation has to be arranged for the interns on request.

Suggested Scope of the Internship:

  1. Network Building: assist in liaison work of volunteers, event and community activities organizing as well as database management that helps to strengthen partnership between NGO and other sectors; or
  2. Brand Building: promotion and publicity activities of the NGO (e.g. production of promotional materials, video production, social media management and liaison work etc.), that enhance public awareness of the organization in the community; or
  3. Event Planning: assist to organize or participate in online or physical activities, draft event proposal, maintain and expand donor database; or
  4. Support daily business routine of Social Enterprise including operation, social service, information system management and accounting consolidation, etc.

Friendly Reminder: The deadline for "Citi-HKCSS Community Intern Program 2023" NGO application will be March 23, 2023. (Please click here for Application Form.)

“Communication and Management Training for NGOs in response to New Normal” cum Briefing Session

You are invited to our webinar on “Communication and Management Training for NGOs in Response to New Normal” to learn more about communication and management skills in the post-epidemic era and the characteristics of the new generation(interns). The webinar will be followed by Briefing Session of CIP 2023. Please submit the Online Registration Form.

If you have any enquiries, please contact HKCSS (Tel: 2864 2903 or email: cip@hkcss.org.hk)

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