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社聯大學生社責實踐計劃 社聯大學生社責實踐計劃 社聯大學生社責實踐計劃 社聯大學生社責實踐計劃 社聯大學生社責實踐計劃 社聯大學生社責實踐計劃

 Organizer & Sponsor

Contact us

Tel: (852) 2876 2437/ 2876 2436
Fax: (852) 2876 2496
E-mail: cip@hkcss.org.hk


Role & Duty

Placement organization would be required to assist in the followings:

  1. To offer placements to 2 interns between July and August 2019 (160 hours in total per student);
  2. To arrange Intern Selection Interview (will be held on April 2019) to select interns for the organization;
  3. To assign a person-in-charge whom the intern(s) directly report to. The person-in-charge should have worked in the NGO for at least 1 year;
  4. To complete an evaluation form for EACH intern upon the end of the internship by the person-in-charge mentioned above;
  5. To confirm and counter sign the time sheet of interns.

Suggested Scope of the Internship:

  1. Assist in the liaison work of volunteers and community activities as well as database management that help strengthen partnership between the non-profit organization and other sectors; or
  2. Assist in the brand building and publicity activities of the non-profit organization (e.g. production of promotional materials, video editing and liaison work of promotional activities & etc.), that enhance public awareness of the organization in the community; or
  3. Assist in the communications of fundraising and expansion of donor database; or
  4. Assist in the implementation of environmental protection measures; or
  5. Assist in Social Enterprise business.

The CIP 2019 NGO Briefing Session will be held on 14th February 2019.
Please contact HKCSS 2876 2437 for enquiries.
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