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社聯大學生社責實踐計劃 社聯大學生社責實踐計劃 社聯大學生社責實踐計劃 社聯大學生社責實踐計劃 社聯大學生社責實踐計劃 社聯大學生社責實踐計劃

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Tel: (852) 2876 2437/ 2876 2436
Fax: (852) 2876 2496
E-mail: cip@hkcss.org.hk


Application Procedures

Eligible students must submit their applications and upload supporting documents through the Program website.Supporting documents included:

1.       Recommendation Form is completed by a referee from your Business Faculty.

2.       Copy of recent academic transcript

3.       A statement with 500-800 words (in English) that addresses the following:

          - Your career aspirations

          - Your most interested aspect of service with a non-profit organization and its reasons

          - Reasons of deserving this internship opportunity

          - Why your personality, attitude, education background, special work skills and interests are ideally suited for an  internship?

4.       Please name your form following the format*.

Online Application:

         - Deadline for Early Bird Application: 29 March 2019

         - Deadline for Internship Application: 18 April 2019

Online Registration for Information Session

Click here to know more about "Note to Interns".

*English Full Name_U initial_form, (e.g.ChanTaiMan_HKU_ form, ChanTaiMan_HKU transcript, etc)

Privacy Policy Statement
Under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, all applicants have the right to request for access to or correction of the personal data provided, including the right to obtain a copy of your personal data. All personal data are handled in accordance with Hong Kong Council of Social Service Privacy Policy Statement. For further enquiries, please visit:http://www.hkcss.org.hk/uploadfileMgnt/0_2013425102927.pdf

All information submitted by the students will be used for the purpose of “CitiHKCSS Community Interns Program” and connection with future HKCSS events only. By submitting your application, you understand and agree that your personal information may be shared between The Hong Kong Council of Social Service, the Citi and the preference NGOs you indicated as priority organizations. All information will be used in “Citi-HKCSS Community Interns Program” for the purpose of recruitment, selection, training, internship placemen and overall program administration, as well as for connection with future HKCSS events.

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