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Program Content


80 Full-time undergraduates (Year 1 or above; non-final year) majoring in business studies
from Hong Kong universities

A team of 2 interns in one placement organization
Each student must include 160 working hours spread across 4-8 weeks between July and
August 2022. To be eligible, placement organizations must be local non-profit organizations
whose major service targets are the Elderly, Children and Youth, Rehabilitation, Family or
Community. The specific work interests of each intern and the unique needs of each
placement organization will be a primary consideration.

Scope of Work            
           1. Network Building: assist in liaison work of volunteers, event and community activities
           organizing as well as database management that helps to strengthen partnership between NGOs
           and other sectors; or 
           2. Brand Building: promote and extend publicity of the NGOs (e.g. production of promotional
           materials, video production, social media management and liaison work etc.), that enhance 
           public awareness of the organization in the community; or
           3. Event Planning: assist to organize or participate in online or physical activities, draft event
           proposals, maintain and expand donor database; or
           4. Support daily business routine including operation, social service, information system management
           and accounting consolidation, etc.

CSR Training Series
Each Intern is required to attend the CSR Training Series (total 20 hours, please reserve the time in June to attend)
that with a better understanding of social service development in Hong Kong, the problems of  disparity between
the rich and the poor, aging problems, the situation of environmental protection and social enterprise in Hong Kong.
Internship Report
Each team is required to submit a report addressing the lessons they have learned, their achievements and contribution
to the placement organizations within two weeks of completing their internships.

Student Allowance
Each intern will be granted an allowance of HK$6,000, after the completion of the internship and submission of report.
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